Redbird Flight Simulator – Full Motion

The Power of a Full Motion Simulator 

We’re taking your training to a whole new level with the Redbird FMX.  With its smooth and deceptively realistic movements that manipulate the sense of balance, you feel airborne.  Whether you take a steep turn or run into turbulence, the sights, sounds and the sensation of flying is apparent. 

Plus, time logged in the simulator can be used toward your pilot certification – one hour can yield the same results as two or more hours of training in the actual airplane. 

Fly Smarter and Safer 

With the Redbird FMX, our instructors can create real situational scenarios by manipulating the environment, causing aircraft malfunctions, further giving you the real experience prior to stepping into an aircraft. They will teach you how to handle unique scenarios so that you may fly more confident on your own. 

  • Fly in severe weather such as snow storms, heavy turbulence, cross wind and rain
  • Effectively react to aircraft malfunctions such as engine, compass and steam and glass gauges
  • Learn to trust the instruments rather than outside references
  • Cross country fly or take off from different airports around the world
  • Communicate more effectively with your trainer about your flight maneuvers and decisions 

Creating Memorable Experiences That Will Prepare Anyone Pursuing an Interest in Flying 

  • An experienced pilot who wants to maintain their hours
  • A passenger who wants to learn to handle situations in case of a pilot emergency
  • A student who wants to feel comfortable flying prior to stepping into an aircraft
  • An aspiring pilot who wants to see the world from above or take the first steps in having a career in aviation
  • A nervous flyer who wants to overcome a fear of flying
  • A pilot who wants to enhance their performance and confidence 

“The instruction given on the Redbird was easy to follow and informative.  I was able understand the lesson and felt more confident flying in a plane. ”

–  REDBIRD flight student




8 thoughts on “Redbird Flight Simulator – Full Motion

  1. I want o get information regarding flight school for my 15 year blue valley high schooler. I also want information for me to also learn to fly.

  2. I have a 21 year old son with autism and other issues. We are flying to Florida in 2 weeks, and he has never flown before. Would the flight simulator be a good idea for him to try so we can see how he will do on the flight?

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. The flight simulator for a smaller non-commercial aircraft would not give him the same experience as a commercial jet. You might check with your airline directly to see if they could offer suggestions to help your son be more comfortable.

    1. Thank you for inquiring Larson. The Simulator rents for $62/hr plus $40/hr for an instructor. If you’d like to schedule some time, please contact us at 913.764.4800.

  3. I am looking to get back into flying after a 20+yr break. I have a commercial, multi-engine, instrument rated license but for now would just like to get some information on how to get restarted as a private pilot. I recently received my 3rd class medical certificate and I am looking for a location and instructor. I live hear in Johnson County.

    1. Hi Scott – We would be glad to help you get current! We offer a full staff of flight instructors who are able to accommodate most schedules. If you’ll give us a call at 913.764.4800, we’re happy to schedule a convenient time.

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