2009 Cessna Corvalis 350 – N513ST

Download a copy of the Pilot’s Operating Handbook
Corvalis 350 G1000 POH (PDF)

The Cessna 350 features the G1000 fully integrated instrumentation system.
The following G1000 components are installed:
GDU 1040 PFD
GDU 1042 MFP
GCU 476 Remote Keypad
GIA 63/63W Integrated Avionics (2)
GDL 69A Data Link Receiver
GEA 71 Engine Airframe Unit
GDC 74A Air Data Computer
GMU 44 Magnotometer
GMA 1347 Audio System
GTX 33 Mode S Transponder
Empty Weight 2457 LBS
Gross Weight 3400 LBS
Useful Load 943 LBS
Cruising Speed 190 KTS (typical 170 kts)
Stall Speed 57 KTS
Maneuvering Spd 148 KTS
Vne 235 KTS
Continental IO 550-N
310 HP
McCauley Prop 3 Blade











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    1. In addition to the federally required credentials, we require an annual checkout by one of our instructors before you are able to rent the aircraft. The rental rate varies based on the number of hours you require. Please give us a call at 913.764.4800.

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