Why Choose Us

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Ten reasons why we think Air Associates is your best choice for flight training:

  1. Instructors – The best instructors and more of them
  2. Cessna and CPC – The best teaching process and support materials
  3. Safety – Great Track Record
  4. Location – Great Airport that fosters student confidence in flying
  5. Aircraft – The most modern fleet, including technically advanced, complex, and multi-engine
  6. Aircraft Numbers – More aircraft on line for better accessibility
  7. Internet Scheduling – Easier to schedule from anywhere that has Internet access, even from your smartphone
  8. Collaborative Family Atmosphere – More Involvement with other students and instructors
  9. The Future – Our plans for the future include you
  10. We Are Motivated – We want you to love flying as much as we do.

You’re at the right place, now take a look at our Training Program including our internet-based ground school program.

Check us out on AviationSchoolsOnline.com or JustFlightSchools.com