2002 Cessna 172 – N5258Y

Cessna 172SP 180HP 2002

Fuel Injected
KX 155 Nav/Comm w/GS.
KX 155 Nav/Comm.
KMD550 Multifunction Display.
KLN94 GPS. (IFR Certified, Current Database)
KAP140 Dual Axis Autopilot w/Altitude Select.
KT 76C Transponder w/Encoder.
KMA028 Audio Panel w/Marker Beacon and Split Intercom.
4-Place Intercom w/PTT.
Leather Seats

Weight & Balance Information
Fuel Capacity: 56 gallons usable
Basic Empty Weight: 1,710.9 lbs.
Empty Weight Moment: 70045.35 inch/lbs.
Empty Weight Center of Gravity: 40.94 inches
Useful Load: 847.1 lbs.
* Check POH for current information

REQUIREMENTS: Checkout by an Authorized Air Associates Instructor.

2 thoughts on “2002 Cessna 172 – N5258Y

  1. Bud Owens says:

    rental prices for the 172’s

    1. airassoc says:

      Hi Bud-

      You can find our current prices listed here..

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